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Get that perfect hair color.  Gino specializes in hair color services to create a beautifully natural look, while maintaining hair health.

Finally: a hairstylist who actually listens to your requests and delivers. Gino will find a cut that flatters your face and has lift and movement.

Get the hair you've always dreamt of when you make an appointment with Gino Magnarelli, a Brazilian Blowout certified stylist!

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When you purchase a hair color or hightlights service. 
All hair services must be done on same day.




A small town called Mosciano
Town located about 3 hours from Roma
I decided to reside in the United States
I fell in love with the people of this country
I have dedicated 20 years to the beauty of hair.

In the last 20 years, I have dedicated myself on the beauty of hair and beauty in general.

Simply the best, because, I like nothing but the best.


I was born and raised in Italy, in a family of nine -- in a small town on the Adriatic Sea called Mosciano S. Angelo, which is located about 3 hours from Roma


Since I was a child, I have always been interested in beautiful things...


from the beauty of nature to the beauty of humanity.


I started visiting the USA in 1987. During that time, my uncle lived in New York.


After a few years of visiting, I decided to reside and pursue my dreams in the United States.


I fell in love with the people of this country whom were very friendly, blithe, and in need of beautiful hair.


Once my English improved and I was able to get my license, I began my passion, which is in beauty.


I have worked in some of the best salons in Dallas, and I persevere to broaden my profession by continuing my education.


In my lifetime, I have learned one thing which is, "You can never learn enough".

... Simply the Best!

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best hair stylist in dallas tx
best hair stylist in dallas tx
best hair stylist in dallas tx
best hair stylist in dallas tx
best hair stylist in dallas tx
best hair stylist in dallas tx
best hair stylist in dallas tx



Gino Magnarelli 5338 Beltline Road  Dallas, Texas 75254

Tuesday - Saturday:  9am-7pm   Sunday - Monday:  Closed



The Best Colorist in Dallas!

Gino Magnarelli greeted us in Italian and offered us a cup of espresso, then surveyed our dark hair. We asked for a combination of natural- looking highlights and lowlights, and he agreed , suggesting very blonde, thick streaks around our face as well. At first, we wanted to bolt, but Magnarelli brought us around to the idea. He parted our hair into tiny sections and quickly applied the colors. We loved our lowlights but the punk-rock highlights were dramatic enough that it took a few days for them to grow on us (we love them now). Partial head of highlights, $120 and up.



Most Requested in Dallas - Renée Zellweger 39 Best for Round and Oval Face Shapes, Straight Fine Hair Why it flatters: "This cut is versatile, fun and trendy, and you don't need to spend a lot of time working on it" maintains Gino Magnareli, owner of Gino's Salon in Dallas. "The stacked back really gives volume and bounce to fine hair, making it appear fuller. And the look is very sexy because it shows off the neck.



With regular write-ups i Allure and local publications, and consistent yearly placemet on's "Dallas Best Salons" list, Gino Salon, owned by global stylist Gino Magnarelli, is a perennial fave of the traditional-leaning crowd. "Dallas beauty revolves around feminine styles, especially longer hair with plenty of natural texture and movement," relates Magnarelli. As for color, this Italian ex-pat reports that most clients request a combo of highlights (subtle blonde or light golden brown, please), with some lowlight thrown in to provide depth and interest. Muse: "Angelina Jolie's hair speaks to Dallas ladies because it's classic and very feminine," says Gino Magnarelli, owner of Gino Salon.


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Shannon Warren

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Gino literally saved us...he truly is a hair magician. My daughters and I had experienced a hair nightmare with another hair stylist and salon. We ended up with crooked misshapen cuts. One of my daughters ended up with orange, yellow brassy hair after coloring with none of the intended color in sight and I ended up with my hair looking like an Easter egg with choppy blues, greens and brassy yellow pieces. None of those colors was the look we were going for. It was absolutely devastating to my daughters as they had to go to school that way. And even though I kept my hair up, it was difficult for me to hide. As a professional it was extremely embarrassing having to go to work that way.

I requested a consultation on his website at 10 o'clock at night and he got back to me that same night! He showed genuine concern over the situation we found ourselves in and his correspondence made me feel right away that he cared and he would take care of us. He was upfront and honest about what he could do. He is very methodical in his thinking and ideas and he immediately made me and my daughters feel at ease. We trust him completely! He will not steer you wrong, he will not suggest doing something he cannot do or something you will not look good in just to make a buck. He not only cut all of our hair beautifully, but he also made my daughter look like a rock star (she's still glowing she is so happy) and made me look less like a rainbow brite grandma:)

Going to Gino was the best decision we could have made and even though I live an hour and a half away, me and my girls will continue to make the trip just to see Gino. I only wish we could give more than five stars. His kindness, his caring, his easy demeanor and his absolute professionalism is completely worth the drive and I will continue to refer everyone that I know to Gino!


Monica Miramontez

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Gino is hands down your A-1 guy for transforming your hair color! I feel like a million bucks!! Thank you, Gino!  You made the time spent warm and friendly and certainly professional!  You're the  best!


Kristin Polk

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Gino is AMAZING!!!!! I went for color correction and he works miracles on my hair. I have never looked better.. He is a very very sweet man and listend to what i was wanting and went way over what i expected. I will never let anyone else touch my hair again....


Joana Cumba -- 3 Weeks Ago

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Google Review:  Very knowledgeable and professional. Will tell you what's best for you and he'll give you options to get what you want. I was looking for a great colorist in Dallas and found Gino. My hair is now a beautiful deep red with gorgeous dimensions. He went above and beyond! Will most definitely recommend him. Oh, and an honorable mention to the guy who did my shampoo, it was the best shampoo with scalp massage I've had in my life!


Gwen Hawkins --In the Last Week

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Google Review:  Gino is my new go to guy for all my hair needs.  Just moved here from San Antonio and took a chance.  Best decision I could make. Gino made the color and cut exactly as I wanted and everyone at the salon was so nice.  Taking my daughters to him next.


Tonya Booth

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Google Review:  I am so excited to have found an excellent highly dedicated and an expert in

his field of hair color, cut and style. Gino is an artist and makes me feel like a million bucks when

I walk out the door! He is a true Italian full of passion for delicious food, wine and travel.

I love learning new ideas while getting my hair done...THANK YOU GINO!


Susan McCarthy

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Google Review:  Gino is an incredible colorist!! He is so gifted color. He has done my hair for

5 years. After having wandered around for a couple of years without a colorist, my husband

found Gino--- as my birthday present. I have been so grateful to have found Gino. He is a skilled

artist. He is truly gifted at selecting the right color and products to maintain healthy hair as well.


Jessica Staton

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Google Review:  I moved to Dallas about 9 months ago and visited Gino shortly after my arrival at the recommendation of a friend and have come to him ever since. He is amazing with blonde hair! I've been coloring my hair blonde for many years and Gino has given me the best color so far. And my hair is healthier now than it's ever been! Great service and also easy to get an appointment with which is a plus. Also very reasonably priced.


Crystal Elliott

Review Rating:  5 Stars

Google Review:  If only there were a "10 Star" selection I would select that for Gino. I have lived in Dallas for over 7 years and I have been to so many different hair stylist and never once was I completely satisfied by the outcome when I walked out. About 6 months ago I started the process of getting a divorce and I knew that I wanted a completely different change and look. I researched for several days online trying to find THE BEST hair stylist in Dallas. I came upon Gino's website and after reading the reviews - I decided to choose him to be the one to give me the drastic change. When I called him the very first time - he returned my call within the next 30 minutes and after telling him my story he got me in as soon as possible. I walked in with long straight hair that I have had for years and I told him that I was thinking about a very short angled bob. Although, I must say that I was weary of this amount of hair being cut off all at once but I had a feeling when I met him in person that he knew what he was doing. I simply told him to do what he thinks would be best and not only did he just started cutting (like most stylist in Dallas), he told me what type of cut and how he would be doing it based on the dimension and shape of my face. So, he started cutting and before I knew it I had almost 7 inches cut off laying on the floor! I was so nervous because I could feel the air hitting the back of neck which meant it was VERY short! After cutting and coloring - I was turned around to the completion of his work and I almost started crying! I ABSOLUTELY loved it! There was nothing that I would have changed about the way he cut, styled and colored my hair. A lot of times women have to go in baby steps to go from long to short hair, but I must say if you are one of those people that want something drastic, different and stylish--- GINO IS THE GUY!   You can tell by the way he cuts and works that he has many years of experience and best of all he loves what he does! I can say after so many years in Dallas and never finding the RIGHT one -- luckily I did and I would refer him to anyone that wants to change their look to something fresh and new. I guarantee that you will love it because I don't think he could do a bad cut, style or color! I am so happy to say that I won't be looking and browsing for that right hair stylist anymore, because I have found him and he will continue and always to be the one that does the duties of making me feel and look fantastic!   Also, his co-workers and the entire environment is so welcoming from the time you walk in to the time you leave. They are not in a hurry and really invest the time with their clients instead of just trying to get in all the appointments necessary. All all seem to do the job they do because they love it - which in any career is the best way to be because having passion in something you do shows in the end! Words cannot express how much I am thankful to have found him and for him making me so happy with my new short bob cut - I don't think anyone could have done it more perfectly than I imagined!   Go see him! He does wonders!!!!


Janliz Suarez-Rosado
Review Rating: 5 Stars
Google Review:  It was my first time in the salon, very clean and nice. Gino was very nice, listen to me and recommended the perfect hair cut.


Carol Johnson
Review Rating: 5 Stars
Google Review:  I highly recommend Gino for hair color and highlights.  He is amazing!  Love to wear my hair red with highlights.  My experience with Gino is beautiful, rich color and perfect highlights.  My hair is shiny and I love the healthy texture.  If you are picky about your color and you expect it to last a long time between appointments, call Gino.  He is the best!!!

Sabrina Reddy
Quality: Excellent
Google Review:GIno is a very exceptional color professional. I am very cavallius when it comes to my hair. I have been to several different people and have fired them all. However, I trust Gino with all of my hair services. This was my first visit and definitely will not be my last as he is everything I have ever wanted in a color professional. He created a wonderful blend of colors for my hair. The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff is very helpful.

Ive had many many compliments and each time I tell them - Hair By Gino.

Luz Castro

Julie Teague

Quality: Excellent

Google Review: I've been going to Gino for about a year, after finding him through an internet search. He is as good as all the reviews I read about him said that he was. He has an eye for what looks good and knows how to make it happen. I can't tell you how many people have commented on how much they love what I have done to my hair! LOL! I didn't do anything but find the right hair stylist! I love my hair and am thrilled that I found him. Thanks Gino!

Sandi McCracken

Quality: Excellent

Google Review: After only a few minutes with Gino, I knew that I would never use anyone else. Gino is exceptional at all things HAIR! Gino listens and then goes to work . . . doing amazing things with your hair. He cuts and colors like no one else. Do yourself a big favor and give Gino a try; you won't be disappointed. Like me, you will be happy that you finally found him.

Julie Benson

Quality: Excellent

Google Review: I have lived in Dallas for over 5 years and have been trying to find someone that can both cut and color my hair. After searching the internet I found Gino, and I am so glad I did. My color has never looked better. I also had the Keratin treatment and it has saved me so much time off my morning routine. Gino really knows hair. If you have been searching as I was, believe me... go to Gino you will not be disappointed.


Olivia McClenton

Quality: Excellent

Google Review:First off it should be known that I do not let just anyone touch my hair, but since I've moved so far away from my other hair dresser I needed to find a new one. I asked my gf's who they used and search all of them and also conducted my own search as well. This is where I find Gino, he was quick in responding to me and setting up a consultation to discuss what I wanted to do. He let me know the pro's and con's of what I wanted. (which I love cause as a hair dresser you should let me know if what I am wanting what may or may not happen, still my choice if I want to proceed or not) I was so pleased with him that I wanted to schedule my appt right away. He allowed me to do just that. He fit me in that night!!! I was pleased and I can't wait to go back. I will say that this is on the higher end of getting your hair done but you do get what you pay for. I def recommend Gino for a cut and or color, he def knows what he is doing.


Elizabeth T

Quality: Excellent

Google Review: Gino is the best! I have been going to Gino for several years now and have never been happier with my hair. He is excellent with color and gives me suggestions and lets me know when my idea may not look the best. He does such a great job with my cut that it makes it easy for me to style my hair. My hair has never looked or felt better.



Remy Guasque

Quality: Excellent

Google Review: I was very impressed with my first experience at Kent James Salon today. Gino was delightful and professional. I left feeling fresh and ready for spring with my new cut and color! I will definitely be returning in the future.



Michael Rainer

Quality: Excellent

Google Review: I have been going to Gino since I moved to Dallas three and a half years ago. He does amazing things with hair. His keratin treatments have transformed my hair into a silky, manageable mane. A very talented cut and colorist and a dear man too!


Name: Allis

Date: Tue 10/9/2012 3:27 PM

Review: I found Gino by reading raved reviews more than six years ago! This man knows color, balance and style! Who could want more? So, If you\'ve been frustrated by your recent experiences or you are new to the area and want to start off right, without chancing mistakes, then I would recommend calling Gino and set it right going forward! Caio n is convenient and nice. Everyone should try him out! You wont be disappointed!


Name: Weslynn O.

Date: Mon 10/8/2012 7:26 PM

Review: Gino is awesome at coloring and cutting hair. I came to Dallas and could not find a hairstylist that I was satisfied with, but then I found Gino! He knows exactly what he is doing and the salon is convenient and nice. Everyone should try him out! You wont be disappointed!


Name: Cindy Roe

Date: June 15 at 5:38pm

Review: I moved from Los Angeles, CA four years ago after having the same colorist and hairstylist for 15 years that were always on the cutting edge! Since moving to TX, I have tried numerous colorists and stylists but was never REALLY happy and everytime I was in LA I went back to Rene and Raul. And then I went to Gino!!! I gave him carte blanche and now, finalmente, I am so loving my hair. He is truly, IL MAESTRO!



Name: Stacey M.

City: Plano, TX

Date: 05/19/2012

Review: Gino has been coloring and cutting my hair for 7+ years and he is the best! Sometimes I know what I want (all over color and just a trim) and sometimes I have no clue (bangs? what do you think?). But no matter what, Gino will help you realize what you need, what best suits you and your lifestyle. The products he uses and recommends are top-notch. Besides all this he's friendly and charges fair prices. Go see him and enjoy your hair again!



Name: Rebecca E.

City: Plano, TX

Date: 05/17/2012

Review: Gino did an amazing job on my hair with the Ombre look! The location is convienent and beautiful, I will definetely be back!



Name: Lori R.

City: Dallas, TX

Date: 05/11/2012

Review: I moved here from Colorado very sad to leave my stylist. What great fortune it was to find Gino! Not only is he a master colorist, but he gives the best hair cut that I have ever had. It looks great for months ( I don't like to cut my hair often.) I recently moved from Dallas to Ft. Worth for work and still have no intention of having anyone else do my hair. Grazie Gino!



Name: Pamela J

City: Boise, ID

Date: 04/18/2012

Review: Gino did the Ombre' look on my hair. It came out absolutely wonderful. He took his time to ensure it looked great and made sure that it was what I wanted. I would recommend him. I am new to Texas and have gone through 4 different hairstylists before I actually got a good one. Thank you Gino! Pamela


Name: Kristy Attaway

Best stylist in DFW!

Date: 04/11/2012

Review: On my last visit to Gino we figured out I've been going to him for 11 years!!! Ladies, if you are looking for a new stylist look no further! He is the best! He's done everything on me from highlights to all over color and different hair styles. I promise you wont be disappointed! He's located in Addison on Beltline right off the tollway at the Kent James salon. Def check him out!


Name: porterdrug

Great Haircut Every time

Date: 04/11/2012

Review: I drive from Lubbock for Gino to cut my hair because no one is as consistently great as Gino. He is now at Kent James Salon and I think it is a great fit for Gino. My hair is difficult and somehow he can make it look great every time. He does what I ask and I always feel great when I leave the salon. I highly recommend him.


Best Hair Stylist in TEXAS!!!!!

Name: pattiahern

Date: 04/11/2012

Review: I have been a long time client of Gino and would follow him anywhere. Recently he moved from Capelli salon to Beltline and I have never been happier with a hair stylist in my entire life. Gino is so talented and always makes me feel beautiful whenever I leave his chair. Gino has a way of knowing exactly what color looks best on a person and thinks of things to do for me that I never even thought of but so glad he did! I love his creativity and I am so grateful that he listens to my needs and always "nails it" every time he takes care of me. I have never once left feeling less than completely thrilled with my hair. Gino's prices are extremely reasonable and he always makes sure he fits me in his busy schedule quickly even if it means coming in early even before the regular shop opens. He is simply AMAZING and I will continue to refer him to all of my friends!! Gino you are my HERO! Thank you! Patti


New Location, but even better environment!

Name: Stanzik

Date: 04/10/2012

Review: Gino has relocated to Kent James salon in Addison - be sure to visit him there!


Gino saved the day!

Name: kim texasdixons

Sent: Monday, October 11, 2010 6:03 AM

Review: Gino fixed my hair after ANOTHER salon had ruined it! I called Gino's; Gino himself heard my sad tale of told me to come right in!. His mix of highlights and lowlights turned my hair from terrible to terrific! I couldn't be more thrilled!

Pros: Great color; l love the Alfaparf products!

Cons: None!


Love the color and cut

Name: Elizabeth

Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 10:45 AM

Review: Found the salon online and am so glad I made an appointment during my stay in Dallas. Friendly staff. Gino is very talented gave me a fantastic cut and amazing color. The products are wonderful.

Pros: expert advice

Cons: pricey


Great cut and Amazing color

Name: Pam

Sent: Monday, July 12, 2010 8:13 PM

Review: Thank you Gino, you did an amazing job. I could never go to anyone else. I ran into someone I hadn't seen in a few months and she told me I looked 10 years younger.


Great cut and color

Name: Debbie Hedges

Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2010 10:52 AM

Review: Gino did my hair. The color is beautiful. My hair was damaged and dry from previous coloring, hi-lites, heat stying. It was dull. I left the salon with beautiful shiny, shiny soft hair.Color was perfect! Cut is perfect. I will be a returning client.

Pros: friendly staff great results

Cons: can't think of any


Wonderful job!

Name: Erika Warfield

Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 8:44 PM

Review: Gino, I cannot even begin to tell you what a wonderful job you did on my hair.  You were a God-send most definitely!  You were friendly, calming, and uber-professional.  The care with which you took to get to know me, as well as the attention you paid to getting my color just right were very much appreciated!  Fixing my layers was also no small  accomplishment.  Thank you!!  You should also know that my parents gave rave reviews of your work when they saw my hair for the first time.  They said it was the best that they have ever seen.  I am also impressed by the products that you used on my hair.  My hair has never looked or felt this soft after a color treatment.  Thank you so much for all that you did to make our show a success, going well above and beyond the call of duty!  I am most grateful!  I look forward to being your client in the future!" Sincerely, Erika Warfield (Host, America Up Close)


Wonderful job!

Name: Stefan Lubinski

Date: April 7, 2010 6:23:03 PM

Review: "Gino thank you so much! You did a wonderful job helping to create a great look for our host, Erika Warfield.

Her confidence came through and the show was a success. Thanks for helping us look great!"

Yours truly, Stefan Lubinski (Executive Producer, America Up Close)


This Salon is FABULOUS!

Name: Germaine

Review: I am a new customer to Gino's Salon and I am so impressed. Being in the Television and Modeling Business, it's imperative for me to look my best at all times. I found Gino's Salon upon doing some research online and was very impressed with the website. I could hardly wait to go in for my appointment. The Salon is beautiful and you are instantly met by smiling people waiting to make your day! Meeting Gino himself was an honor! He is a very gracious and passionate man. It is clear that this is his vision and dream. My Stylist is wonderful. He is a good listener and very acomodating. He knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish and even stayed later than usual to get it done. Now that's customer service! My compliments to the entire staff at Gino's Salon. I look forward to my upcoming hair appointments and looking even better than ever!Thank you so much!


No longer on the "hunt" to find a good Hair Stylist! Posted by Mary

I visited this salon for the first time just last Saturday. I was very impressed. My Daughter suggested her Stylist to trim and color my hair. He did exactly what I was hoping for all this time. Thank you! I am no longer on the "hunt" to find a good Hair Stylist! Thank you!


I get compliments EVERYDAY! Posted by Carley Runyon on December 13, 2008

I am extremely picky about my hair. I graduated from school in Austin and moved back to Dallas so I obviously needed a new hair dresser. Both of my parents go to Gino and LOVE him. Of course I was a little skeptical because there is an age gap and I did not know if their hair dresser would appeal to someone my age. However, I went in and he spent so much time listening to what I wanted and the results showed. My hair looked so much better than it ever had. I loved the color and the cut was easier to style than ever before. I get complenents on my hair EVERYDAY. Not only does Gino do a wonderful job on cutting and coloring but he is very meticulous about how he styles it. I now try to do my blow out every day just like him. I love it. His salon also sells wonderful products from Italy which I now use myself. The best products that I have ever used and I am very choosy about my hair products. For all of the time that Gino and his staff put into your hair the price is very reasonable. I promise that you will love it. 5 STARS


Excellent hair cut, color and service. Posted by jsal246 on October 2, 2008

I have been a hair dresser for over 20 years. Upon relocating here to Dallas I needed someone I could trust, who would give me a great color and hair cut. Gino gave me an excellent hair color, it looks so natural and pretty, not to mention healthy looking. He is a master at his work. His technical skills are stelar. I would highly recommend Gino because he has the experience and knowledge to give the client beautiful hair. You can relax in the chair and know that you are in good hands, because you can trust that he will make you look great. The staff was so friendly and nice that you just feel right at home immediately. You just can not go wrong trying this place. For sure... I will be back again and again. Thank you Gino. 5 STARS


Gino is the Best Dallas Hair Colorist - Posted by Heather Barclay

No doubt, Gino is the best colorist I have ever been to. He knows his stuff. Hi is italian so of coure he is charming. I was ne to Dallas and I chose Gino to be my stylist from a friends recommendation. Gino went above and beyone what I thought was my frizzy hair could accomplish. I love this place. FIVE STARS


Excellent Experience with Gino - Posted by JT

My experience with Gino's Dallas Hair Salon was excellent. Gino was able to tone down my overly blonde highlighted hair and return it to its natural color. I was very happy with the results as my hair has not looked this good and this natural in years. Gino is a very kind and intelligent gentleman, and he and his staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable even thought I was a first-time customer. I look forward to returning to the salon and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a master hair colorist. FIVE STARS

I believe the biggest compliment a hairstylist can receive is referrels...

everywhere I go folks are asking me who is your stylist your hair is fabulous. I don't take any credit for that it truly is the gifts and talents of Gino. I have known Gino now for 10 years and have followed him when he relocated each time before owning his own salon. I travel 45 mins to an hour each time I get my hair done and it is worth it. Gino KNOWS color as well as style... he also understands the chemistry of hair therefore treats my hair with conditioners that leave my hair feeling silky soft! Gino is very pleasant to talk with... I really look forward to my time in the salon. Gino’s assistant Abby is wonderful as well! She is energetic and always asks about my family in detail. I enjoy my conversations with her every time I am in the chair. I recommend Gino to anyone who likes to go get their hair done without the anxiety of how it will turn out, you will look fabulous everytime! When I come home my little guys always whistle and say mommy you look so pretty. My husband loves the money I spend at Gino's salon because of the results and considers Gino to be a great guy! Go see Gino, you wont regret it, I promise!

Not only is Gino of Gino Salon in Dallas your ultimate color guru, he’s a bit of a product wiz as well!

Gino takes the time to personally select the best products to ensure each guest can easily style and manage their looks on their own. Every great stylist and colorist knows that the key to maintaining great style or color is not only at the hands of the stylist, but also in the product that is used. Just as food is fuel for the body; your hair care products react the same way with your hair and scalp. Shampoo, for instance is used for cleansing the scalp in turn, promoting a healthy foundation. Conditioner is nourishment for your hair. As you get ready to book your next appointment with Gino and staff, be sure to ask about the newest products added to the Salone by Alfa-parf Milano line. The Rigen Shampoo deeply cleanses hair while protecting the moisture balance as the conditioning agents restore the hair’s natural softness. Milk Proteins sooth the scalp and leaving the hair tangle-free with a great shine. The smell is nice and is perfect for the entire family. Also being introduced is the Salone Real Cream pH4 Restructuring Mask. This intensive hydrating cream is perfect for chemically treated hair. Real Cream has been enriched with Royal Jelly and Milk Proteins to re balance natural hair pH value, right after any coloring, decolorizing or perm service. Alfa-parf has specially formulated this mask to improve hair structure from the inside out.


He is a miracle worker and awesome! 11/20/2009 Posted by Judy Santos

I have been going to Gino for over 4 yrs now! I live in Fort Worth, so its not always convenient but I make the effort because he is the best. I have not been able to find anyone as good as him. I have tried a couple of other places in Fort Worth and the last one really messed my hair up. I called Gino and he got me in fixed it! He is a miracle worker and awesome! Thanks Gino

Pros: Knows what he is doing! Experience

Cons: None


The Best I ever had! 11/14/2009 Posted by Dulci Shculmeyer

I don't have any complaints about my first visit at Gino's. The staff was friendly and funny. Gino really knows what he is doing, and he works really hard to give you the best. I was very happy with my hair color and my haircut was the best I ever had since I moved to Dallas. I got so many compliments on my new transformed look, it make me feel great! After trying many hair salons in Dallas and not being happy, I am glad I found this place.

Pros: Great service, personal attention, friendly staff.

Cons: None.


He knows what he is doing. 09/23/2009 Posted by Stephanie Richardson

The first time I ever got my hair colored was at Gino's salon by one of the sylist who no longer works there. After she left I moved to Gino's client list and I couldn't be happier. He is a wonderful guy. He knows what he is doing. He will work with your bone structure and coloring. I can't go anywhere else!!

Pros: Sweet Italian

Cons: I can never make my hair look as good!


Make it look sexy! 09/14/2009 Posted by Irum Jones

Love this place. Came in for a consultation, and was walked through how my hair would be transformed. Told Gino "I don't care what you do - make it look sexy! - I want to look amazing and spice up my look:" He cut, colored, conditioned, and transformed my dull locks into a shiny, mocha kissed tone - i recieved so many compliments, and hubby loves my hair! I'm def. a customer for life now - I only wish I found Gino sooner! Oh well. Fast service and perfection is the goal here!

Pros: Best service!

Cons: None


New & Improved 09/13/2009 Posted by Gina Grant

I have gotten so many compliments on my new & improved hair. Gino took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and what would work best for my hair. The color is vibrant and my cut is exactly what I wanted it to be! Gino is everything you want in a stylist - thorough and talented!


It's fantastic.... 09/09/2009 Posted by Jessica Tabak

Thanks! I'm the haircut and color! And, I'm in love with the leave in conditioning treatment I got! It's fantastic and I don't even need to use serums/smoothers. I air dries and styles silky smooth! Thanks again, and I'll see you guys in a couple months for a repeat :)


The Best Hair Cut, Yet! 08/21/2009 Posted by Sherry Mecom

Thank you for giving me self confidence in myself, by giving me

the Best Hair Cut, Yet!Every Woman who Really cares how they look should

be coming to you for all their haircare needs!XOSherry Mecom


Cons: I am married


Fabulous job with my hair cut and style 03/27/2009 Posted by Hanan Mubarek

My first visit was great... Experienced, friendly and gentle staff... Gino did a fabulous job with my hair cut and style.... What I liked the most was how gentle they treat your hair.... no excessive heat, and no unnecessary use of sprays and other things... It is so good to go to a stylist that really cares and gives his best. Gino, you rock! Thank you for a job so well done.


Amazing magic Performed! 02/18/2009 Posted by Rebecca Osborn

I still am completely speechless regarding the amazing magic performed on my hair. This gentleman will hopefully continue to accept me as a client for as long as I still have hair.I haven't been out of the house since arriving home last night , but should anyone inguire as to completely transformed appearance I'll so thankfully recommend this hair care extrordinaire!

Pros: lovely atmosphere,friendly staff exceptional service

Cons: None


Gino is the best colorist 02/02/2009 Posted by Heather Barclay

No doubt, Gino is the best colorist I've ever been to. He knows his stuff. He is Italian so of course he's charming. I was new to Dallas and I chose Gino to be my stylist from a friend's recommendation. He went above and beyond what I thought my frizzy hair could accomplish! I Love this place.


Excellet Experience with Gino! 12/21/2008 Posted by JT

My experience with Gino's Salon was excellent. Gino was able to tone down my overly blonde highlighted hair and return it to its natural color. I was very happy with the results as my hair hasn't looked this good and this natural in years. Gino is a very kind and intelligent gentleman, and he and his staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable even though I was a first-time customer. I look forward to returning to the salon, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a master hair colorist.

Pros: Personal attention, expert hair colorists

Cons: None


I get compliments...EVERYDAY! 12/14/2008 Posted by Carley Runyon

I am extremely picky about my hair. I recently graduated from school in Austin and moved back to Dallas... so I obviously needed a new hairdresser. Both of my parents go to Gino and LOVE him. Ofcourse I was a little skeptic becuse there is an age gap, and I did not know if their hairdresser would appeal to someone my age. However, I went in and he spent so much time listening to what I wanted and the results showed. My hair looked better than it ever had. I loved the color and the cut was easier to style than ever before. I get compliments on my hair EVERYDAY. Not only does Gino do a wonderful job cutting and coloring, but he also is very meticulous about the way that he styles it. I now try to do my blow out everyday just like him... I just love it. His salon also sells wonderful products from Italy that I now use as well. The best products I have ever used, and I am very choosy about my hair products. For all the time that Gino and his staff put into your hair the price is very reasonable. I promise that you will love it!


Excellent Hair cut, color and service! 10/02/2008 Posted by JSal246

I have been a hair dresser for over 20 years. Upon relocating here to Dallas, I needed to find someone I could trust, whom would give me a great color and hair cut. Gino gave me an excellent hair color, it looks so natural and pretty, not to mention healthy looking. He is a master at his work, his technical skills are steller. I would highly recommend Gino because he has the expertise and knowledge to give the client beautiful hair. You can relax in the chair and know that you are in good hands, because you can trust that he will make you look great. The staff was so friendly and nice, you just feel right at home immediately. You just can't go wrong trying this place. For sure I will be back again and again. Thank you Gino!

Pros: Comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff and excellent technical abilities, great products

Cons: None


A pleasant surprise 08/20/2008 Posted by blonde1974

I called and found out that my former stylist, Sharon, was no longer working at Gino Salon. I was in a bind and the assistant worked hard to get through to Carlos (the new stylist) and get me in. She was very pleasant and called back within minutes. She is also a great shampooer & well on her way to being a wonderful stylist herself! Carlos was kind and gracious, but very nervous about not lowlighting my ultra-blonde hair. We talked about depth & dimension and al the blonde buzz words, and I finally told him point blank that I don't want that, I just want BLONDE. I want pale, light, non-brassy, no-low-light, blonde. He was hesitant about my request and asked if he could do it "his way". I said okay. I was nervous and WOW~!!! He did a great job. No lowlights and still dimensional pale blonde. My hair looks great and everyone is commenting on it. I will be back to see him for sure. Be warned, Carlos takes his job seriously and comes across forward at first. Once you break him in his a a joy to be around and will give you exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for a new stylist, I recomend Carlos (or Gino) with flying colors!!! The prices are high, but they take their time & I think the extra money is worth it!! Good luck!!!


Master Stylist 08/04/2008 Posted by SaraMegan

My stylist moved and I was in a panic to replace him. After trying another stylist with horrible results, I was even more nervous. Found Gino on City Search and he far exceeded my expectations. My cut is perfect, stylish and easy to manage. He knew exactly what to do with my fine, limp hair. I left the salon feeling like a million bucks and with my next appointment in hand. My search is over and I couldn't be happier with the results. Gino is an artist who takes his work seriously and it shows. His staff is courteous, fun and very attentive. The salon is contemporary and clean. It was a great experience!


feeling so good 08/02/2008 Posted by garciaanamaria

I just moved to the area and wanted to try a new salon. I left today feeling like a new person. I love my haircut and was really pleased with the sevice that I received from Carlos. He really took care of my crazy curly hair. I will be back!!!!

Pros: on time, courteous

Cons: none


Great experience 06/26/2008 Posted by melusinchen

I am very particular when it comes to my hair and ever since moving to the U.S. over a decade ago I have had more than my share of horrible haircut experiences that sometimes left me in tears. Not this time! I came to Gino Salon because I read the positive reviews on Citysearch and am VERY happy with my color and cut. My previous stylist was never able to give me a precise haircut (I have short hair) and the mileage I got from those cuts was about 10 days. After that it began looking completely out of shape, giving me "helmet or broom head". My philosophy has always been that with a great cut, I won't have to go back to my stylist too, too soon. And I think I got what I wanted this time! Gino's approach seemed effortless with both color and cut. An anxious moment came when at the end he whipped out brush and dryer, because usually I do not use either. Having somewhat curly hair, I normally just scrunch my hair with a bit of product and that's it. But oh, what a pleasant surprise - I actually looked quite cool and not like a boring, middle-aged housewife, which is what that brush/dryer approach usually does to me. I left the salon with great color, shiny, healthy-looking hair and an updated look I had almost forgotten one could achieve. Thanks, Gino - I'll be back!

Pros: On time, relaxing atmosphere, highly skilled stylist

Cons: n/a


FANTASTIC!!! 06/23/2008 Posted by kanita

Saturday was my first time visiting this salon, and i loved it...The staff is very friendly, and they all make you feel very comfortable...I walked out of there with beautiful hair, and i will be back again!!! Thank You Gino


Best color and cut 05/21/2008 Posted by Paula819

I recently moved to the Dallas area from New England. I went to a hairdresser recommended by a coworker, and hated my hair. He gave me a color and cut in under 60 minutes! I was embarrassed to go to work the next day. Luckily I received a mailer from Gino's at home, and after looking at the website, made an appointment. I didn't know what to expect, but I immediately felt very welcome. Gino spent some time with me first to find out what I wanted (and didn't want), then gave me the best color and cut of my life. I've been back to him since, and like my hair more and more each time. The color is incredible and the cut so soft and feminine. Everyone at Gino's is very friendly and professional. I feel very much at home each time and would very highly recommend Gino to anyone who has ever had a bad color or cut - Gino will get it right.

Pros: Service, skill, color is amazing, friendly staff

Cons: none


True professional, artist, & "hair"apist 05/20/2008 Posted by DallasRealEstatePro

When I walked into Gino's my hair was all sorts of distressed. I've been going to the same lady for 4 years and she recently was diagnosed with a string of diseases so I knew it was time to find a new stylist. I have been very loyal and was VERY nervous to go anywhere else. HOWEVER I was more than pleased with m hair cut, color, and repair. Actually, the thing I was most impressed with was the quickness in foiling my hair. It used to take my last hair stylist 2-3 hours <i>just</i> to do the color (and she has her own private suite) but I was out of the salon today in 2 hours and that was including shampoo, conditioning, cut, blowdry, and style! REALLY IMPRESSED. The products they use are minimal (so there's no funky build-up)and unique. He really did an incredible job. I'm used to paying half of what I paid today but honestly, you get what you pay for. It was worth it. The girl who shampoo'd & conditioned me was personable and gave a great head massage. I use a flat iron on my hair everyday and it doesn't ever look as good as it did with just the blow-out Gino did. Thanks for your time & great work! I'll become a regular now.


Gino Salon is exceptional! 05/15/2008 Posted by Dunford

I can't begin to tell you how much I love my new haircut. Gino is truly a master artist when it comes to styling and color. He and his staff are warm and unpretentious. Gino finally gave me the cut and highlights that I've been looking for! Trust me, you won't be disappointed at Gino Salon.

Pros: Wonderful cuts and exceptional color


Best Salon in Dallas 05/11/2008 Posted by lmf510

First time client and it was one of the best haircuts and colors I've had in a long time! New to the area from Chicago I had tried 2 other Salons in the Las Colinas area and Gino is steps ahead to the other stylists I've experienced. Attention to detail and great staff resulted in a wonderful haircut and color. I will be back!!!


Wonderful Salon with Warm Staff!! 05/07/2008 Posted by mic1969

I have been gong to Gino Salon for over a year now and I just love it. I started going when my current stylist, Debra, moved there - she is fabulaous and so attentive to my needs (hair needs moisturizing) and wants (layers, please!). My color is always beautiful and I am constantly getting compliments on it. When she was on materinity leave, Gino was kind enough to take on her customers and he did a fantastic job cutting my hair - it was just what I asked for and I love it!! Thank you! Michelle


Gino is the BEST 05/07/2008 Posted by contessacaro

I love Gino!!! I have been going to Gino's Salon for a little over a year and have always enjoyed my experience. Gino is an absolute master with color and always makes me feel great. He is reasonably priced and in a great location. I drive over an hour to see him - so you know it must be good... Thanks Gino


Love my highlights! 05/06/2008 Posted by pampar1

I went to Gino Salon needing highlights, which I've never done before. Debra was the stylist that I used and she specializes in color, so I was hoping to get something great. She did not disappoint. She darkened my faded "box" color and then put some fabulous highlights that blend perfectly with my base color. I've gotten so many compliments on my hair. It is so perfect for the summer too! Debra was very honest and professional. She really seems to take pride in her work. I got the feeling that she would never let me leave the salon if I didn't love my hair.


Best Salon in Dallas 05/02/2008 Posted by Business1122

I went there on the advice of a friend. What I can tell you is that the service was excellent and the haircut actually lasted longer than what others could do (this was good for me, I was able to go an extra 2 weeks before having to go back... not a good thing for their Salon, they missed out on an additional haricut from doing such a good job). I would highly recommend Gino's Salon to anyone looking for an exceptional haircut!!!


A pleasant surprise & no smoke & mirrors... 04/25/2008 Posted by shannond74

I was impressed by Gino's salon. There was a booking mistake & I was scheduled for a haircut rather that a high-light so Gino was unable to do my hair. Sharon offered to stay late (which was extremly appreciated b/c I had arranged for babysitting for 3 little ones) and help me out and she did a really good job. They are very concerned with the condition of the hair and paid attention to each little strand. I was there almost 3 hours between Gino, Sharon, & their assistant my hair got a lot of attention. I will definitely be going back. They did my hair a little darker than I am used to, but Sharon said the low-lights will fade. Gino is a nice respectable man & takes his job seriously. Sharon is talented & fun to talk to so you can't go wrong either way. I highly recommend Ginos salon....see ya there!!!! They do some really cool conditioning treatments w/ a flat iron that seemed well-priced as well as offering the "pony-tail cut....seemed interesting to me!!!

Pros: lot's of pros

Cons: scheduling problem


Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! 04/11/2008 Posted by pachorney

If you are looking for a great "hair" experience - you need to see Gino! Gino is an extremely gifted and talented man. His unique hairstyling techniques are amazing. Whenever you try a new hair stylist for the first time, you are always a bit hesitant about the outcome, however, I told Gino what I wanted done and the outcome was exactly what I was looking for in a texturizing haircut. The shampoo & scalp massage was extremely relaxing! I am looking forward to my next appointment! I was looking on the internet for a new stylist in my area and Citysearch led me to Gino's Salon!

Pros: Excellent service and quality of staff is unbeatable!

Cons: None


Calamari and Wine 04/04/2008 Posted by ThirdTimeIsACharm

Gino did a great job cutting my hair. We tried different styles until we found something I loved. He was very attentive, and I could tell he cared about my hair. As soon as I sat in his chair he diganosed my hair as dry, and then he corrected the problem. I was impressed. He even me a discount. If you want to be pampered, visit Gino's salon--and don't be shy; eat the chocolate.


Great experiene 03/06/2008 Posted by sfbride

Gino is very sweet, honest and hardworking. He is not afraid to be straightforward. He and his team are professional, creative and client oriented. I was a little uncomfortable with my new cut at first blush. However, as with any good cut, once I had some time to let it "rest" - I LOVE it! He does a great job with color and cut. In the past, I got the exact same boring cut and highlights. Then, I would hate it after a few days. With Gino - I didn't have to worry about "boring" hair. He was able to correct color mistakes, keep my length and give my hair the lustre it normally has. The texture and condition of my hair dramatically improved in just one visit. Plus, I really liked him as a person. He is not pretentious or silly in the slightest. He takes his work seriously and seems to be a very sensitive and caring stylist. I think it makes a difference when someone enjoys their work. He seems to care how his clients really feel about his work and will bend over backwards to make things work . He's a gem, very genuine and talented. I highly recommend him.


Gino Is The Best!!!! 02/29/2008 Posted by CindyPorter

I drive from Lubbock to get my hair cut by Gino. He is consist and I always leave there with a new feel of confidence. He does a great job and knows just what I want my hair to do. I just wish he could do it for me every day. Everyone should give him a try.


Gino is the best! 02/07/2008 Posted by anch3866

I moved to Dallas in July and have been trying to find a good colorist. I have been to 3 other well known salons in the area, and have come out orange, yellow, brassy. I have just had a really hard time getting a great looking blonde color. Gino was my hero! He saved the day by giving me exactly what I was looking for. He was able to match some low lights to my natural color and then put in some great blonde highlights giving me a beautiful color with depth. Thanks Gino! I have finally found a salon in Dallas!


Best Hairstylist should go to Sharon @ Gino's Salon 02/04/2008 Posted by SIS68

HI SHARON!!!! Just wanted to let you know I am so happy with my hair. I was with you on Sat for a couple of hours for hi-lite/lo-lites and trim. I am so impressed by your work of art and very happy with my hair for the first time in a LONG TIME!!!. This is the best it has looked in forever. Recommending you to everyone I know. Will be by with my sister on the 15th of this month, will call you to set up appt. See you soon. Have a wonderful week. ~Kristin


If you are looking for an innovative and talented hair stylist, give Gino a try! 02/01/2008 Posted by teresamc1

A few months before coming to Gino, my friend and hair stylist's pregancy went bad and she was committed to three months of bed rest. After visits to two other stylists, my hair turned 'orange', dull, dry and brittle. This was bad because my hair is naturally curly, dry and course to begin with. Then I searched for and found Gino, and asked him to do whatever he thought was needed to fix my hair. And he did, he is amazing! He recolored all my hair a nice shade of brown, and added two toned highlights. He also gave me a great hair cut which I love! Gino isn't just great with cutting hair to give you the style that best suits your face, he also cares about the overall health and condition of your hair. The color he uses is organic and has a pleasant, sublte and a herbal kind of scent. He sent me home with a jar of a deep conditioning and repair treatment for me to apply after the next shampoo, and this did wonders in repairing and restoring shine and health back into my hair. Today, Gino performed a three-step treatment which he called 'diamante shine and gloss', where he ironed in a mask and serum mixed with real gold dust. My hair is now unbelievably soft and shiny, and the treatment brings out the glossiness in the highlights. For someone with naturally thick, curly and coarse hair, my hair is now unbelievably straight and silky! In addition to Gino's great talent as a hair stylist, he also has a great sense of humor! His assistants are also very warm and friendly, and talented as well. I have two other friends who go to Gino as well, and their hair always looks marvelous. Thank you Gino, you are the best!

Pros: Shiny, glossy, sleek, straight hair!

Cons: not a thing


Great Haircut 01/23/2008 Posted by Lauren25

I am new in Dallas and was nervous about getting my hair cut in a new place. I chose Gino Salon, and I am so glad I did! Sharon did an excellent job cutting my hair. She listened and made sure I got exactly what I wanted, and I could tell she wanted to make me happy. She took her time and made me feel extremely comfortable. Before I left she told me I could call her anytime if I needed help styling my new look or if I had any questions! I love my new hair cut and I would recommend Sharon to anyone! I will definetely be back for another cut! Thanks Sharon! Lauren Pittman

Pros: Excellent Job!!!!!!


Best hair coloring and styling I ever had! 01/15/2008 Posted by meliss44

Gino Salon is simply the best! I have been coloring my hair with other stylist for years (12 to be approx.) and it only took one color treatment with Gino to convince me of his magic skills. Honestly, my hair has never looked so good with the color and styles Gino has given to my hair. The atmosphere and service is upscale and Gino and the staff are very warm and friendly. I would highly recommend this Salon! One more thing, I would also recommend their hair products they sell in the salon as they are working great for me and my hair!


Cons: none


Gino is Simply the Best...really is! 12/29/2007 Posted by violet_r_smith

Well let me put it this way....You dont just have an article on Allure magazine for Nothing. You must be doing something right....Gino really is the Best! His 22 years experience in the industry...but most importantly is his personality. He goes beyond to make me feel satisfied as a client. For instance, I used to be those really picky women (the ones that bring magazine cut-outs) Yep! It had to look just like that....but throughout the years (12 years to be exact) I've learned to just simply trust Gino. I let him decide what color fits my skin tone, what would flatter me the most, or compliment me the best. In the end, just like Allure "The Beauty Expert.... I'm always back at Gino's! :)

Pros: Gino's Experience/Salon Location

Cons: None


Happy hair 10/28/2007 Posted by sequel

C abeen about a month now and I never knew how happy having a good hair day EVERYDAY could make such a difference. I love my hair and how it feels. To boot, she charged me half of what every other salon around does!


Great salon! 10/06/2007 Posted by sereneleah

I am always very hesitant to try a new salon, but read all the good reviews on this site and thought I would give Gino's a try. Everyone at the salon was very friendly, and was even offered a drink at arrival. Becky gave me a great cut and color.She didn't rush through to get me out (like some stylists do) and she gave me the most relaxing scalp massage! It was a great experience and I will go back to Becky.

Pros: great cut and color

Cons: none


If you Want You Hair Done Right Go Here! 10/03/2007 Posted by taysfa

I know what your thinking, is it really true to read so many good reviews about this salon? Well trust me, it is! Even though I have lived in the Dallas area for over 7 years I have yet to find a colorist and hair cutter that I really like. I read the reviews on here and I though I would give it a try. The staff was very friendly, and was able to get me in soon. I had a color appointment scheduled with Becky. She was wonder! She listen to what I wanted, and even had time to cut my hair even though I did not initally schedule it. She did a fab job on both my color and cut, and she even taught me a styling secret. I just want to let you guys know that yes, you can trust these reviews. If you are looking for a salon to call home - go here - you will be glad you did! I know I am!

Pros: Cute Salon, Great Staff!

Cons: The cost was a bit high, but in the end totally worth it!


Wonderful! Best in Dallas. 09/20/2007 Posted by angela414

Gino is amazing! A true artist with hair. I went in for blond highlights after my former color tech at Toni & Guy left my hair spotty and brassy/orange. Gino got me to the right beautiful tone of blond I love. I’m so happy with both my color & cut, and I highly recommend his salon. This is the best color& cut I’ve had since moving to Dallas over a decade ago. His salon and staff are warm and friendly, making the whole experience truly wonderful. Give yourself a bit of "la dolce vita" and make an appointment at Gino salon today!

Pros: Color, cut, atmosphere

Cons: none


5 STARS PLUS! 09/02/2007 Posted by jenniferkay

On July 26th, I traveled from Fort Worth to Gino's. Gino gave me lovely highlights and a great cut. My hair has never looked so nice. I'm looking forward to my next visit to Gino's. Many thanks and appreciation to Gino and his staff.


FABULOUS! 08/31/2007 Posted by scmaydew

After my colorist in New Mexico retired, I thought I would never find someone who made haircolor and highlights so beautiful while still preserving the health of my hair. Then I learned of Gino from my mom. After making my first visit I was hooked, and for the past two years I have flown to Dallas to get my hair done by Gino himself (my parents think I came to see them!). I was even offered a modeling job because my 'hair color [was] ( and is ) so beautiful'. The products he uses along with Gino's great ability allow my hair to stay soft and undamaged, not to mention the sincere hospitality experienced when I walk in the door. I have since moved to Dallas and am so happy to be closer to Gino and his salon. Flights from Albuquerque to Dallas can get expensive multiple times a year, but it it was well worth the color, compliments and compensation from the new modeling job!


Gino Salon 08/01/2007 Posted by marie2007


After seeing all the raves about Gino's Salon on CitySearch, I decided this was the salon to try. I was pleased with the haircut and color, it was definitely stylish. I was however disappointed with the service provided by the front desk. When it came time to pay I mentioned the citysearch coupon as I was searching for it in my purse and was told that it was only for $10 off not the $20 it said on the site. I questioned this and was told by Alex that it was only $10 off even though this was a weekday and I was a new customer. I went ahead and paid and left. The coupon is clearly for $20 off, and while the $10 difference is nominal it does point to a rather disappointing aspect to the experience, namely a lack of honesty and integrity towards the customers.


Best Hair Cut in Dallas Area 07/27/2007 Posted by ulihydro

I've been in the Dallas area for 2 years and have been driving home to Louisiana every 6-8 weeks to get my hair cut by my stylist of 20 years. I heard such good things about Gino, so I thought I would give him a shot. I love my Hair Cut. He did an excellent job!!! I've found my new stylist for the next 20 plus years! :)


Great job! 07/26/2007 Posted by khancock007

I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to my hair! Thao did a great job on my highlights. Karen Hancock

Pros: nice and clean salon


Simply the best hair stylist in town. 07/25/2007

Posted by armaiti

The best hair cut and styling. A very friendly and professional hair salon with high respect to clients time and concern.


Top-quality salon at reasonable prices 07/25/2007 Posted by m3crossy

After searching for over a year to find a new hair salon, I finally found Gino's Salon. What I discovered at Gino's was lots of capable, friendly, and talented people whose top priority was customer satisfaction. They didn't carry my color line that I liked, so they custom ordered it for me and have been ever since I started going there, and they keep meticulous notes on the formula they use each time. Prices are reasonable too. The people are very nice there, the seating is comfortable, there's lots of light, it's a very convenient location, and they strive to offer appointment times convenient for me. They offer you a soda when you arrive, there's little mini-size candy pars to snack on if you're hungy, and there are plenty of good CURRENT magazines laying around to pass the time while waiting on your color to process or what not. I've never had a bad experience there, and I even had the courage to get bangs cut on my very long hair for the first time in 20 years because I trusted them so much. That's saying a LOT! Great place - great people - great quality - great atmosphere - great location. What more could anyone ask for? :-)

Pros: Great service, customer-oriented, friendly people, nice atmosphere, convenient area

Cons: None


Best Haircut 07/25/2007 Posted by sarahkanga

I moved to Dallas in November of 2005, having struggled in the past with finding a descent stylist I was hesitant to start the search again. I went on Citysearch and began the hunt, I found the reviews for Gino to be excellent so I thought I'd give him a try. The first time I went in one of his associates cut my hair, she did an excellent job, it was the first time I've walked out of a salon completely satisfied. Since then Gino has been cutting my hair. Everytime has been wonderful experience, the staff is always friendly and I've never had to wait. The atmosphere is great, I love the art deco decor and have recommended Gino to several of my friends. Thanks Gino!!

Pros: Ambience / Experience


Best Staff, Best Cut, and Wonderful Results 07/13/2007 Posted by amanenigma

My appologies to Becky for not sending a before picture, but if you could see the transformation Becky made in my appearance, you would not want anyone to see the before either. I had not had my hair done for 10 years. It was past my waist and graying considerably as I had never had it colored. Becky transformed me from a timid old lady into a relaxed and satisfied customer for life. She also answered myriad questions that to her must have seemed unending. Sorry again Becky. Everyone at Gino's was absolutely professional, friendly and understanding. Going from waist length gray hair to mid-back warm brown was something I should have done years ago. I recommend this salon to anybody who would like a change but is feeling timid. You're in good hands, Kathy

Pros: This was a completely postive experience


Okay, but not that great 06/29/2007 Posted by mah92

Maybe my experience is unusual, but I found Gino to be only so-so. The guy who greeted me was very nice and hospitable. My haircut was with Gino, and my preference is to have to deal with only one person from washing the hair to styling. However, I was passed back and forth between Gino and his assistant who washes and blow-drys hair. This would be okay if I had even been introduced to the girl, but there was no real transition there which I thought was odd. I didn't find Gino to be very personable or all that interested in cutting my hair. He was more interested in talking to the bleach blonde haired woman who walked in during my haircut. I didn't get any color done, but I would kind of be leary as I saw a woman walk out who looked like her hair was a greenish tint (maybe it was just the lighting). They do have a comfortable chair in the back where they wash your hair and I did appreciate the "steaming" for the deep conditioning. Overall, I'll go back to my usual guy at Red Door as I can't see that Gino is any better for the same price. There's no magic going on here, but I'm guessing they do get a lot of traffic due to the favorable comments on here as I heard them ask a customer who was leaving to write in a comment.

Pros: Nice chair in the back for washing hair, doesn't hurt your neck.

Cons: Gino was less than enthusiastic and not very personable


Awesome hair cut! :) :) :) 06/27/2007 Posted by sammie311

I just want to say THANK YOU to Thao for an amazing hair cut and style!!!!!! I had a really bad hair cut from a well know salon in Dallas and was very unhappy! I called Gino Salon and got in the very next day and now have the best hair cut I have ever had!!!!!!!!!! The staff at Gino Salon is Amazing!!!!! If you want awesome service and a salon that knows what they are doing you have to call Gino Salon!!!!!! P.S. My hair cut looks just like Victoria Beckham!!!!

Pros: Staff that knows what they are doing!!! Excellent service!

Cons: none

Very Professional 06/26/2007 Posted by dionlaci


Becky, is awesome,love the way she cut my hair and did my highlites. i get so many compliments. everyone is very friendly . you can't go wrong at Gino's! : )


Thanks, Thao & Gino's 06/23/2007 Posted by lilas

I've recently moved to Dallas and didn't yet have a I do! I'd been to four stylists to try to get my hair back to it's original brunette without the brassy red in it. My hair had gotten really damaged in the process. Today I'd just had enough of trying to work with it. I found Gino's while doing a Google search. Alex was really nice, got me a same day appointment with Thao. I initially intended just to get a hair repair treatment and cut. Thao assured me that she could get my hair back to it's natural color, and she did! She also helped me decide where to go next with updating my style, and showed me how to repeat these results at home. Thanks, Alex, Thao and Gino's

Pros: nice people, great service


Great hair; treated like gold! 06/08/2007 Posted by dkmdkm

I have been visiting Gino's since I moved to Dallas a year ago. He is extremely professional and has always listened to my needs and given advice when requested. I love my hair color and overall it is the healthiest my hair has ever looked. This guy loves his job and it is obvious from the excellent service you get.

Pros: Colr, Cut, Ambience

Cons: None


I'm a fan! 06/07/2007 Posted by tkattkat

excellent job on both color and cut by my stylist Thao Phan. As long as i live in this area i will always go to Thao. My cut is great and my highlights are always perfect. i have had numerous compliments on my color, some from strangers. Thao Phan, you rock!

Pros: friendly, skilled staff

Cons: not one!


Home at last 06/01/2007 Posted by cblondee316

I highly recommend Gino's salon. I've been fighting what seemed to be a losing battle jumping from salon to salon hoping to find the right one. I live in FtW and found Gino's on line read the reviews and took the trip to Dallas to see for myself. So glad I did. I got a gorgeous hair color out of it by a very sweet girl, Tao and Gino himself cut my hair. What a great down to earth guy! Not to mention he did a fabulous job on my haircut. I will be making the trip to Dallas again. Holly from FTW

Pros: very nice people and professional

Cons: Not enough seating in waiting area.


You've got to try it. 04/05/2007 Posted by cgmaui

What great customer service and quality. I absolutely love Gino Salon. The staff and Gino are as friendly and professional as they come. Gino listens to what you want and does it with the best of care. Try it! You'll love it.


Excellent Colorist 03/27/2007 Posted by vinsebeck

I've had some bad experiences with hair dressers, especially with baby fine hair. Not only did the color look great when I was finished, but they did a treatment to repair my damaged hair. I highly recommend them.

Pros: Ambiance, parking, service


Gino is the best! 02/02/2007 Posted by chloec1976

As most of you know it's very difficult to find a hairstylist you can trust! I have found him! I called the salon on Wed. and was able to get in for a highlight and cut on Thursday! I'm a very last minute type of gal, so it was a nice suprise that I could get in on such short notice! I absolutely love my highlights and the cut. It's exactly what i wanted! Gino was very patient, friendly and took his time with me as a client answering any questions / concerns that I had! I will definitely be a return client and highly recommend this salon!

Pros: experienced & friendly stylists, clean salon, beverages offered during your service, comfortable & invitng atmosphere

Cons: need more stylists - there were lots of walk-ins and phone calls while I was there


Gino simply the best 01/30/2007 Posted by love0307

I have been a client of Gino for 5 years now. I was showing a friend this site to give her more information about Gino's when I read the last review. It disturbed me when I read what this woman had written. I have sent many friends and family members to Gino and I have never heard of one being dissapointed. Gino has a great talent and passion for what he does. You can't please everyone all the time, but I will say this he has pleased me for years and will continue to make me happy for many years to come. I was getting my hair done just a few days ago and he is not having business problems he is actually expanding his business with more to offer.

Pros: Great Staff


Best for restoring your natural highlights 11/08/2006 Posted by ronad1

I cannot imagine trusting my natural highlights to anyone else. I have been going to Gino Salon for years and know that I will look great with the haircut and color that I choose. I have been very pleased with the stylist suggestions to add a little more motion and interest to my long hair. I always learn something. Just ask for tips on shampoo, drying, curling, updos. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly plus a treat with wine and chocolate! My husband finally went to Gino Salon and now won't go anywhere else. All the women complimented him on his hair after his first visit! I didn't even pay them...

Pros: ambience, always glad to see me, consistent great hair

Cons: parking can be a bit tight


Calm to any storm! 07/16/2006 Posted by amaydew

Gino is unbelievable! Moving here less than a year ago, the anxiety was building of "who will I find to do my hair?" Reading comments about Gino, I ventured forth and SUCCESS on the first visit! Cold processing, lower volume highlight activation left my hair healthy and me extremely happy. I'm committed and wouldn't think of using another salon.

Pros: comfortable, easy access

Cons: none


Perfect! 07/16/2006 Posted by etrainer

I have very fine, thin hair--and have for a while. I got my Dad's hair. I moved here a few months ago and was terrified about going to a new stylist because I cannot afford for my hair to become damaged due to coloring or a bad cut. I just don't have that much of it. I went to Gino and I have never gotten a better hair cut. The color is perfect. I get compliments at work. My hair has never looked this good. The cut makes it look thick and full, and the color is perfect. There is no other word to describe it! Gino is not only passionate about hair, he is sincere, courteous, and professional. He truly cares and will make you look your best. I would recommend anyone to Gino.

Pros: Gino! Excellent at both cut and color, staff is very courteous, great product lines

Cons: None


PERFECTION! 07/05/2006 Posted by amyjo592

I just got home from getting my hair done by Gino- and I could not be more pleased! I moved to Dallas almost a year ago and have been disappointed with all the salons I have visited... until now. I will recommend everyone I know to this salon! The staff is great, Gino is wonderful with hair and they all go out of their way for the customers. Gino even made me the best cup of espresso I have ever tasted. If you are trying to find someone to go to in Dallas for hair- THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!!


Excellent Hair Salon 06/08/2006 Posted by paigedelgado

I recently moved to Dallas and found Gino on Citysearch. He cut and highlighted my hair as well as cutting my husband's hair. He did a fabulous job on both. I've been spoiled in Houston, where my friend who cut my hair gave me a huge discount, so this was more that I was used to paying. I received the best head massage during my wash, beautiful color & cut, and all of my (long, thick) hair was curled by hand before I left. So, you get what you pay for, definitely. Gino insisted on personally cutting & coloring my hair and cuttting my husband's hair. He also recommended some great products for me. The salon is very nice and I even left with a number for a maid (who is excellent). It was a very successful experience and we will return to his salon.

Pros: Very personable &amp; excellent job on my hair

Cons: Paid more than I was used to


Sei il Maestro! 06/05/2006 Posted by figliadidio

My experience at Gino's salon was wonderful. He has a lot of skill with not just hair but with people as well. Gino's technique is very basic; however, his talent by no means is anything basic! I highly recommended.

Pros: He's got talent!


Great Service Great Color 09/26/2006 Posted by sara112bu

I recently moved to the Dallas area and was very nervous when it came time to find a new salon. For I believe hair is a womans best accessory, and a bad hair cut and color can result to a bad hair day attitude for a month! Like others I choice Gino because of the wonderful reviews I saw on this site, and I was not disappointed. Meg Dunbar was my stylist and I was extremely happy with her. She spent a considerable time with me discussing in detail how I would like my hair. She had top of the line European products and my highlights and lowlights are very natural looking. She was very professional and easy to talk to and time flew by seating in her seat sipping my drink and eating an occasional chocolate.


Perfect color/cut 09/14/2006 Posted by amycsewell

I have been searching for a new hair stylist for years and I finally found him! I have had many bad experiences with bad haircuts and bad color/highlight jobs. So, I was very nervous about trying again. However, since Gino is so highly recommended, I decided to take a chance. I took in a few pictures of the color/cut that I wanted and Gino matched it perfectly! I have taken the same pictures into other salons and they didn't even get close. The atmosphere in the salon is very calm, relaxing. I was also impressed that my hair was done quickly. He started my hair on time (I am used to waiting for 30 minutes or more past my appt time at other salons). I am very excited that my search for the perfect stylist is over! Also, Gino claims he is not a magician, but I disagree! After a string of bad experiences, I am extremely impressed with his skills. I definitely will be back to his salon and would recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect color/cut.

Pros: color expert, great atmosphere, reasonable price

Cons: none


Fabulous Cut and Color~Gino is the best! 08/26/2006 Posted by michelletaylor

I had just returned from a three week trip in France and Italy. From using different shampoos and water the color had been striped from my hair. Also, I had a razor cut. Run if anyone ever comes at you with a razor, especially if they dont speak English! My hair was awful. I am a Leo and my hair is very important to me. It was so bad I didnt go in the office after I returned. Instead, I found Gino on City Search and went to him. He looked at my hair with devastating horror. He mumbled something in Italian. He may have been praying. I felt like I had unfixable hair. He told me it would take two appointments to fix my color and highlights and I had to let my hair grow to get rid of the razor damage. I drank espresso and floated back to the Italian Riviera as many processes were done to my hair. When he finished I looked much better and was happy. He told me when to come back for a trim and I did. Then my hair looked ever better. Then I went back a couple of days ago for my second color treatment and my hair is fabulous! Gino is the best!

Pros: Great service

Cons: He is busy. Book in advance.


One word: FABULOUS. 08/16/2006 Posted by butterfliie

Like everyone else, I am always relatively unsatisfied with my cut/color after I leave a salon. My hair is a very dark brown, and highlights are generally either too dark or too brassy. I tend to change stylists after one or two visits because of this problem, but no more! I've finally found an amazing salon and Angel and Gino were absolutely wonderful - so incredibly patient with my indecisiveness and my insistence on going a shade lighter than recommended. (I ended up with a "light tobacco" gold which is a caramel-like shade of brown with hints of honey.) Because my hair was previously colored, Angel and Gino applied two different colors so that the new growth wouldn't be darker than the ends. Moist heat (steam) was used to minimize damage and as a result, my hair remains smooth and shiny - no frizz here! I would have been an incredibly pleased client with just the color, but Angel gave me a gorgeous cut as well. I have straight hair which is quite thick as well, which usually means that it's weighed down into a boring flat style. However, Angel worked her magic and took out all of the heaviness while leaving long layers that translate into movement and body. I am just absolutely thrilled with both the cut and color that I received, not to mention the very reasonable price ($130 for 2.5 hours of work). I've been to many different salons ranging from SuperCuts to Salon Ishi in NY but have never gotten such genuinely special and personalized service as today. Thank you Gino, thank you Angel!

Pros: Attentive and personalized service, reasonable value, professional yet friendly stylists.

Cons: I honestly cannot think of a drawback at this time.


Best service overall 07/16/2006 Posted by cleopetricek

I really like Gino. He is very personable and he makes you feel like he is totally there to make you look good and make you smile. I think his best are hair colors and hair cuts.

Pros: Personality, Charm, Professional

Cons: none


Be envied! 05/27/2006 Posted by marshawulff

For years I've followed Gino until he established his own salon. Every time he does my hair, peolpe stop me to ask who does my hair. Doesn't get any better! Bonus... ask him for one of his delicious, authentic Italian dinner recipes!


Excellent 05/23/2006 Posted by andrewroyall

My wife and I moved from East Texas to Dallas and began looking for a salon. Thankfully, we found Gino. The staff could not be nicer, the price could not be more fair, and you will be blown away by the results of your visit. My wife receives color and highlihts ,along with her hair cut, and her hair has never looked better. We are both very happy that we found Gino. We strongly recommend that you treat yourself to the best that Dallas has to offer. Even if they are booked, they will try their very best to fit you in.

Pros: Great location, Great Price, Very Friendly


The Master of Cut & Color 05/22/2006 Posted by lasmith8

I've been going to Gino for several years. I've got dark hair that is full and curly. Gino has the experience to color my hair a rich dark brown (others have made it BLACK) . Gino cuts my hair so that I can wear it both natural (curly) or dry it (straight ). His assistants - both named Angel - are wonderful and I've come to depend on them to apply the color and blow my hair dry. I've never been challenged to get an appointment!! I went to my last hair dresser for 17 years and thought I'd never make a switch but he just couldn't color my hair - now I've found the best of both - Gino is the master of the cut & color!!

Pros: cut, color, friendliness

Cons: don't be in a rush


AWESOME HIGHLIGHTS AND CUT 05/19/2006 Posted by jillian050505

Lived in Dallas all my life, tried the best in Plano Willow bend area and in Park Cities and Gino by far is the best. He KNOWS hair. My highlights were the best I've had...very natural. I'm tired of the streaked look when haur is wet or up in a pony tail. My hair looked soft and natural. The cut was great. I have long hair and wanted long layers that didn't look like someone to scissors/razor to the end I got a beautiful maintainable hair cut. My Husband and friends at the gym loved it. I will send all my referrals to Gino. It's nice to find some after all these years that I can trust to read a magazine while their cutting my hair and actually relax.


05/17/2006 | Posted by ansane

I get my hair done at gino's salon and he has been doing my hair for years. He has always done a great job and his staff is always so friendly. I have never had any problems with his service. I am writing this because i find that when people write ugly reviews about gino it is very offending to me since he does my hair. And in response to the girl that went to him and didnt have a good experience and then reffered her friend. What kind of friend is that?

Pros: Great location, Always have fun

Cons: NONE


Worth the drive 04/20/2006| Posted by csportershopper

I drive from Lubbock for Gino to cut and style my hair. I realize that it may seem crazy to drive 5 hours for someone to do my hair, but I know it is worth it. I have looked for someone closer to home, but no one compares to Gino. I have a hard time styling my hair and when Gino cuts it, it is SO much easier to do. I just have someone close to home "trim" it , until I can get back to Gino. Gino has the "expert" skill that I want. I highly recommend him. Whatever you need to do to go, it is worth it.

Pros: Quality skill, easy acess


I WANT TO WORK THERE | 01/25/2006 Posted by egv1977



Cons: N/A


Perfect! 12/14/2005 | Posted by ash99

I recently moved to Dallas and needed to find a sylist who I could learn to trust to cut and color my hair. I found Gino's salon on citysearch myself and trusted the people who wrote such good things about this place. I have to say I love my hair more than ever before. The entire staff was so nice and you could tell they love what they do. What I loved is that they never pressured you to do any certain thing with your hair or take in their hands and do as they wish(like so many do these days). They listened. Thanks Gino...I will definately be back.



great color and cut | 12/02/2005 Posted by diana76

my usual hairdresser could not fit me in this weekend. I used the search and found Gino's and read what every one had to say about it. On blind faith I made an appointment and thank GOD! they worked me in on MY schedule and I couldn't be happier with the results. I will go back again. The highlights are beautiful, thanks to Angel and the cut is beautiful, thanks to Misti. The salon has an airy open design, the staff are helpful and give beauty advice and hair tips. They are generous and helpful. My thanks to Angel, Misti and Gino.

Pros: great color, great cut, Beutiful style

Cons: zero



Gino IS the best! | 10/12/2005 Posted by peachtx

Great color, great cuts, great staff. He will take his time with you and listen to what you want. Nice salon atmosphere as well. They always have bottled water, expresso, and I think they have wine, too. Also, Gino is a funny, nice guy.

Pros: Skill, Color, Cut

Cons: none


Great experience | 09/26/2005 Posted by davidjoor

I am actually from Austin and was in town visiting friends and needed a change so I got on here and found Ginos. I left a message on Friday evening and they let me sit in on Saturday for an open spot. I was blessed to get Misty(sp?), she knew exactly where I was wanting to go with my hair (a completely new style). I enjoyed the conversation as well which isn't typical for me. Most amazingly the cut was under priced in my opinion for the skill level. The whole staff felt comfortable enough to say I looked like Tom Green which is obvious and we all had a good laugh.

Pros: Price, Conversation, Comfortable



Nice place for a guy to get his hair cut! | 09/21/2005 Posted by timmbob

What a great place to get a hair cut. I was stuck on that side of town, had a big meeting the next morning and needed to fit my hair cut in someplace. I don't trust just any place to cut my hair, and I needed to look sharp in the morning. My stylist was great and I looked great for the meeting. Gino didn't cut my hair, but he did come by and introduce himself and thanked me for the business. That's service.

Pros: nice location, great service, nice hair cut

Cons: slightly pricey



A wonderful experience! | 08/23/2005 Posted by amybanner

This was my first trip to Gino Salon. My stylist, Angie Stanley, did an excellent job on my color as well as my cut. I told her what I was looking for and she satisfied me 100%. I highly recommend her for all the ladies out there. Thanks Ang! AmyBanner



Great Color and Haircut! | 08/19/2005 Posted by lhamil

Recently I had an appointment with Gino for a highlight and haircut. From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel comfortable by all the staff members. I was offered something to drink and was impressed with the expresso coffee Gino made! Gino listened to my color concerns and then did a fabulous job on highlighting my hair. The haircut was great too. For once, a stylist listened to my words "cut only an inch" and an inch was only cut - not two! The next day at work I received many compliments on my new style. Thank you Gino for helping my hair look it's best! I'll be back soon!

Pros: Great Location, Excellent Atmosphere, Friendly


Absolutely Amazing! | 08/18/2005 Posted by stanzik

I was recommended by one of my friends to Gino. She has been going to him for almost a year and half now. The first time that i went there i was in awe at the place. It was beautiful and i was greeted with warmth and kindness right at the door. Gino never made me feel rushed and made sure that he knew exactly what i wanted. He took the time to get to know me and offered me something to drink immediately. He paid very close attention to detail and i absolutely loved it!! Now, i recommend all my friends to Gino. Thanks for the great hair!!!

Pros: Friendly, Great atmosphere, Dedicated


lady with orange hair - not true!!| 08/16/2005 Posted by pmoseley

Gino does a great job of understanding what you as a client wants and how much time you spend on your hair. He uses his skills well and does not overprocess hair like I have seen a LOT of women coming out of other salons...I was in the salon to get my highlights done when you were were not happy with anything any of the staff was sorry to say, some people can't be pleased...I am VERY pleased with Gino and his staff and would highly recommed him to anyone who asks...

Pros: listens to clients, good price, helpful staff


Great Experience | 08/16/2005 Posted by frannyb

Went to Gino's for cut and color-great experience. Felt as though I was a valued customer, great cut and color, will definitely return. Highly recommended!

Pros: Good service


Plush Upscale Salon And A Step Above The Rest, 08/16/2005 Posted by lofycody

I called up Gino Salon and I was able to be squeezed in with Angie the next day. When I arrived the next day I was greeted warmly and couldnt help but notice the chic fashionable decorating job. I showed up about 10 minutes early and they are already offering me a glass of wine "Divine" I say. When I sat down with Angie she began immediately to give suggestions with what she would like to do with my hair. I like that. I am not the pro stylist, she is supposed to be, and to me when she takes charge like that it shows me confidence, professionalism and a sense of comfort warms over me. Everything in a nutshell, I was extremely happy with Gino Salon and Angie has become my full time stylist and I would recommend this salon to anyone.

Pros: Stellar Stylists, Swank Environment, All Around Classy

Cons: None, None, None


EXCELLENT SALON, 08/16/2005 Posted by mariedallas

I find that the people at Gino Salon are very laid back, well rounded people, and very sweet! Every time i have been in the salon there has been nothing but beautiful styles and gorgeous color! I would personally have to say this is the best kept secret in Dallas!

Pros: Full service salon

Cons: Book week in advance

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