Gino Magnarelli


Gino Magmarelli Hair colorist in dallas tx

In the last 30 years, I have dedicated myself on the beauty of hair and beauty in general.
Simply the best, because, I like nothing but the best. I was born and raised in italy, in a family of nine — in a small town on the Adriatic Sea called Mosciano S. Angelo, which is located about 3 hours from Roma. Since I was a child, I have always been interested in beautiful things… From the beauty of nature to the beauty of humanity.

I started visiting the usa in 1987. During that time, my uncle lived in new york. After a few years of visiting, I decided to reside and pursue my dreams in the united states. I fell in love with the people of this country whom were very friendly, blithe, and in need of beautiful hair. Once my english improved and I was able to get my license, I began my passion, which is in beauty. I have worked in some of the best salons in dallas, and I persevere to broaden my profession by continuing my education. In my lifetime, I have learned one thing which is, “you can never learn enough”.